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Skype cheat codes

Skype and cheat codes? No bullshit!

I find some chatrooms more attention-stealing than I’d like to and besides – it’s intimidating when popups keep showing when your colleague (or boss!) peeks at your display. Should I ban all pop-ups from showing up on new message? Didn’t work – my boss kept messaging me in emergency and made it mayor issue that I responded so late. I’d be better to turn off only few chatrooms.

Some time ago it made me curious that some people write in funny mode – you get it when you type “/me secret message” as your message. Keyword “/me” changes way of displaying your message (I don’t show it here on purpose – go on and check this out by yourself!). So I checked a list of such keywords and typed “/help”…

One chat code caught my attention: “/alertsoff”. It does just what I need – turns off pop-ups of single chatroom! But what if somebody calls me personally in crowded chatroom? Hey, just use “/alertson YourName” to turn pop-ups only when somebody calls YourName (BTW – it’s case insensitive 😉 ).

One cheat code and Skype’s way more useful. Go on, tell me if it works for you too 🙂



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  1. West

    It was very useful for annoying colleagues chat 😉

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